Commit 4721821b authored by Matt Vanderpol's avatar Matt Vanderpol

Initial creation of choose screen based on devops-tools page

parent 54afb855
title: Choose the tools you use
suppress_header: true
- category-roi-calculator.css
- category-roi-calculator.js
Choose the tools you use
Click on a tool below to select it, then click on "create" to see an ROI calculation of your DevOps toolchain vs GitLab
- Gitlab::Homepage::Stage.all!.each do |stage|
= partial "/includes/icons/sdlc-icons/#{stage.key}.svg"
%p #{stage.display_name}
- Gitlab::Homepage::Stage.all!.each do |stage|
%td.competitors-container{ id: "#{stage.key}-competitors-container" }
- stage.competitors.each do |competitor|
%a.competitor-logo-container{ href: "/devops-tools/#{'_', '-')}-vs-gitlab.html" }
%img.competitor-logo{ src: "#{competitor.logo}", alt: "#{} logo png" }
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