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Remove upgrade barometer section from the release blog posts

parent e51a0519
......@@ -56,11 +56,10 @@ The PM leading the post is responsible for adding and checking the following ite
- [ ] Make sure all feature descriptions are positive and cheerful
- [ ] Make sure all features listed in the [direction](
page are included in the post
- [ ] Mention the [release managers]( to remind them
to add the [upgrade barometer]( section
- [ ] Mention the [Distribution PM (Joshua)]( asking him
if there's any relevant info to be added to the [upgrade warning]( section. If not, delete the `upgrade` block in the relese post data file
- [ ] Mention managers to remind them to add their team performance improvements: @gitlab-com/backend-managers and @gitlab-org/frontend/frontend-managers
- [ ] Make sure Upgrade barometer is in
- [ ] Check with the [Messaging Lead]( on what the top features should be.
- [ ] Check with the [Messaging Lead]( on what the top features should be.
- [ ] Check if deprecations are included
- [ ] Alert people one working day before each due date (post a comment to #release-post Slack channel)
- [ ] Make sure all images (png, jpg, and gifs) are smaller than 300 KB each
......@@ -180,17 +180,13 @@ cta:
- title: Lorem ipsum amet # optional
# UPGRADE WARNING (optional)
reporter: pm1 # required
description: | # example (supports markdown)
To upgrade to GitLab 9.X from the latest 9.Y version, no downtime is required. To upgrade without downtime, please consult the [documentation on downtimeless upgrades](
For this release we have migrations, post-deploy migrations, and to help with the larger migrations we have introduced background migrations. migrations took approximately X minutes and post-deploy migrations amounted for a total of around Y minutes. Background migrations on the other hand are sidekiq jobs that will run synchronously, for this release these migrations took around Z days to complete, no side effects were expected nor present, these target older pipeline builds so newer executed pipelines are not affected.
GitLab Geo users, please consult the documentation on [upgrading Geo](
Use this section to describe important notes for upgrading GitLab to the
current version. If there's nothing relevant to a given release, delete
this section.
# DEPRECATIONS (optional)
# include as many deprecation blocks as necessary
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ class ReleaseList
# anything with a level two Markdown header - `##` - a highlighted feature.
# Finally, the list is filtered to reject excluded headers, such as the
# Upgrade Barometer, that are in every release post.
# Other Improvements, that are in every release post.
def highlights
return @highlights if @highlights
......@@ -96,7 +96,8 @@ class ReleaseList
# These headers are in every post and should not be considered highlights
'other changes',
'upgrade barometer',
'upgrade barometer', # deprecated on GitLab 11.8
'important notes on upgrading',
'enterprise edition',
......@@ -108,8 +108,6 @@ The author is accountable for:
- Make sure the [homepage card](`source/includes/home/ten-oh-announcement.html.haml`) was updated by the copy editor.
- Making sure all the features listed in the [direction](/direction/)
page are included in the post
- @mentioning the [release manager](/community/release-managers/) to remind them
to add the [upgrade barometer](#upgrade-barometer) section
- Helping to solve all comments in the thread (bugging people on chat)
- Making sure the cover image (jpg, png) is [smaller than 300KB](#images)
- Making sure all other images (png, jpg, and gifs) are [smaller than 150 KB](#images) each
......@@ -272,7 +270,7 @@ Always link to the [EE version of GitLab docs]( in t
accompanying their respective features
- [Performance improvements](#performance-improvements) (added as a secondary feature)
- [Omnibus improvements](#omnibus-improvements) (added as a secondary feature)
- [Upgrade barometer](#upgrade-barometer)
- [Important notes on upgrading](#important-notes-on-upgrading) (optional)
- [Deprecations](#deprecations)
### Introduction
......@@ -512,18 +510,20 @@ cover_img:
licence_url: '#link_to_licence'
### Upgrade barometer
### Important notes on upgrading
Describes the information about upgrading GitLab to the new version. To be added by the [release manager](/community/release-managers/) during the [general contributions](#general-contributions) stage, who can ask for backend team leads' review. Should include the following info before the review starts (6th working day before the 22nd):
The "upgrade barometer" section was [deprecated]( on GitLab 11.8 and replaced with a section
called "Important notes on upgrading to GitLab X.Y".
{:.alert .alert-info}
- How should the upgrade be done? Please detail.
- Do we expect downtime? If so, how long will it take? Please detail.
- Please detail migrations, post migrations, background migrations.
- Are there any special cases, something important to note? Please detail.
Upgrade warnings should be added to the release post **only to describe important upgrade notes**, such as:
You can use the template presented in the [release post data file](
- Migrations, post migrations, background migrations
- Downtime
- Special cases
Note: It's important to have this section added with all the others, but, of course, it can be updated later if necessary.
If there's no relevant info to a given release, do not add this section
to the post.
### Performance improvements
......@@ -337,11 +337,22 @@
#{deprecation_type} date:
%strong= "#{deprecation.due}"
/ Updgrade barometer
- datafile.barometer do |barometer|
%h2.text-center{:id => "barometer"}
%a.header-link{href: "#barometer"}
Upgrade barometer
= kramdown(barometer.description)
/ Updgrade warning - introduced on 11.8 - replaces "upgrade barometer"
- if datafile.upgrade
- datafile.upgrade do |upgrade|
%h2.text-center{:id => "upgrade"}
%a.header-link{href: "#upgrade"}
= "Important notes on upgrading to GitLab #{}"
= kramdown(upgrade.description)
/ Updgrade barometer - deprecated on 11.8 (leave it here for the older posts)
- if datafile.barometer
- datafile.barometer do |barometer|
%h2.text-center{:id => "barometer"}
%a.header-link{href: "#barometer"}
Upgrade barometer
= kramdown(barometer.description)
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