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Customer inclusion reasons

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......@@ -228,8 +228,17 @@ user choice and is not transparent. So we will always let you BYOK (bring your
own Kubernetes) and never lock you into our infrastructure to charge you an
opaque premium on those costs.
## Customer inclusion
We do not currently exclude anyone from being a customer based on moral/value grounds. We firmly comply with [trade compliance laws](/handbook/people-operations/code-of-conduct/#trade-compliance-exportimport-control) and welcome everyone outside of those restrictions to be customers of GitLab.
We do business with customers with values that are incompatible with [our own values]( for the following reasons:
1. Our mission is 'everyone can contribute', while there is a [code of conduct for contributing]( we want to have the broadest set to contribute.
1. We do not discuss politics in the workplace (PLEASE ADD LINK) and decisions about what customer to serve might get political.
1. [Efficiency is one of our values]( and vetting customers is time consuming and potentially distracting.
1. It maps to the MIT expat open source license we use that [doesn't discriminate against fields of endeavor](
## Challenges as we grow and scale
Losing the interest of the open source community would be detrimental to our success. For example, if someone wanted to make a contribution to CE and decided not to merge it because a similar feature already existed in EE, we would have lost out on an important contribution from the community.
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