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......@@ -160,6 +160,10 @@ A good way to quickly organize these volunteers is using:
- [community-advocates]( Slack channel
- [Advocate for a day notes]( Google Doc
## #movingtogitlab
During news cycles such as the [Microsoft acquisition of GitHub](, there may be a an increase in new GitLab users. If so, advocates may need to reinitiate the @movingtogitlab Twitter account and/or respond to the Twitter hashtag #movingtogitlab to welcome these accounts. The [#movingtogitlab](/handbook/marketing/community-relations/community-advocacy/workflows/moving-to-gitlab) workflow list some example responses and etiquette.
## Expertises
Every Community Advocate owns one or more of the processes that the CA team uses. These are called expertises.
......@@ -25,3 +25,4 @@ title: "Community advocacy workflows"
- [Involving experts](/handbook/marketing/community-relations/community-advocacy/workflows/involving-experts)
- [Knowledge base](/handbook/marketing/community-relations/community-advocacy/workflows/knowledge-base)
- [#movingtogitlab](/handbook/marketing/community-relations/community-advocacy/workflows/moving-to-gitlab)
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title: "#movingtogitlab Workflow"
## On this page
## Overview
This is a twitter account and the hashtag #movingtogitlab. The account is controlled in Tweetdeck. Account details are in Social Media Admin. We thank people for moving to GitLab and retweet them - avoid retweeting poisonous or explicitly worded tweets. We also answer questions. The plan is to have a retweet/like list of all the tweets of people moving. Other users and the press can point to that to show everyone the trend.
## Workflow
For every tweet that we want to broadcast:
1. Like it
1. Retweet without comment
1. Reply with something like the below (feel free to use emojis! :boom: :tada: :wave: :rocket: etc)
* Thanks for #movingtogitlab!
* Thanks for considering GitLab! #movingtogitlab
* Thanks for #movingtogitlab early!
* We’re so glad to hear you’re #movingtogitlab!
* We share the same enthusiasm about #movingtogitlab!
* Thanks for deciding to move to GitLab. If you need assistance regarding #movingtogitlab, please reach out to us!
* Woohoo! Thanks for #movingtogitlab
* You’ve made our day, thanks for #movingtogitlab :
* That’s what we like to hear!! Thanks for #movingtogitlab
* Yay! Thanks for sharing your #movingtogitlab story!
* Great to hear! We love seeing all these #movingtogitlab stories
* It’s so exciting to see people #movingtogitlab! We think we’re up to the challenge to accommodate everyone.
* We think we’re up to the challenge, but your supportive thoughts & vibes are very welcome! #movingtogitlab
* This is what we train for. Thanks for #movingtogitlab! We love seeing all the excitement.
* Well, nice to meet you! Thanks for #movingtogitlab
* How do you do? Thanks for sharing your #movingtogitlab story!
* Howdy! Great to meet all these new friends, thanks for #movingtogitlab
* Welcome! Thanks for #movingtogitlab
* Woohoo! Let us know if we can help in the transition. Thanks for sharing your story about #movingtogitlab!
* Awesome! Can’t wait to hear what you think. Let us know how we can help! Thanks for #movingtogitlab
* You made our day! Thanks for #movingtoGitlab :sparkles:
* Let us know how we can help with #movingtogitlab ! And check out
* Welcome aboard! Thanks for #movingtoGitlab
* Check out for up-to-the-minute stats on everyone #movingtogitlab
* (waving tanuki gif)
1. Sunday specific tweets
* This is the relaxing Sunday we had planned, why do you ask? :laughing: Thanks for #movingtogitlab!
1. People having problems with migrations or other issues:
If the tweet is in another language, open in twitter web interface, press translate. If it looks legitimate then retweet and like, and either use Google Translate to thank them in their local language, or ask for help from a GitLabber who speaks that language.
There is no need to document the tweets other then liking and retweeting them.
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