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%h3 May 30th, 10am BST
%h3 May 30, 2018
%p Today’s toolchain limits a faster DevOps lifecycle, and it’s getting worse. The shift to microservices creates an explosion of projects that is difficult to handle.
%p GitLab, a single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle, can help unlock DevOps from today’s toolchain for a radically faster cycle time.
%p Join our experts Justin Haley and Ralf Gronkowski as they illustrate how The Bank of Ireland can realise Concurrent DevOps to provide greater visibility, efficiency, and governance.
%h3 In this session, we'll cover how to:
%h3 In this session, we covered how to:
%li Make teams more efficient - start immediately, work concurrently, eliminate handoffs
%li Enable visibility across the DevOps Lifecycle - see changes, cycle times, security and operational health
......@@ -33,20 +33,4 @@ extra_css:
%li Extract the power of Docker and show how GitLab is optimised for a microservices architecture
%h2 Register for the webcast
%p If you don't see the form, try temporarily disabling ad blockers or use <a href="" target="_blank">another browser</a>.
%script{src: "//"}
MktoForms2.loadForm("//", "194-VVC-221", 1592, function(form) {
form.onSuccess(function() {
$('.confirmform').attr('style', 'visibility: visible');
return false;
.confirmform{style: "visibility:hidden;"}
%h3 Registration received!
%p Thank you for registering. You will receive an email with additional webcast details.
%h3 If you are interested in a custom webcast for your company, please reach out to your GitLab representative or <a href="">fill out our contact form</a>.
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