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        %h1.text-center Training
        We organize training workshops to help your organization implement Git and GitLab quickly.
          %a{href:"/training/learn-gitlab-with-git.html"}Learning GitLab with Git Basics
        %p This workshop focuses on how the GitLab UI works and how to integrate it and Git into your workflow.
        %h3 Git workshop
        %p A Git workshop covers Git concepts such as committing, branches, merge requests, merge conflicts, tags, cherry-picking, bisecting and rebasing.
        %h3 GitLab flow workshop
        %p A GitLab flow workshop help your organization develop a good Git workflow
          %a{href:"/training/gitlab-administrator-training.html"} GitLab administrator workshop
          A GitLab administrator workshop covers:
          %li GitLab architecture overview
          %li GitLab fundamentals
          %li UI walkthrough
          %li Admin panel
          %li Admin tasks
          %li Backups, troubleshooting
          %a{href:"/training/gitlab-ci-training.html"}GitLab CI
        %p This workshop focuses on how GitLab CI works and how to integrate it into your workflow.
        %h3 Cost for each workshop is $2,500
          Workshops are delivered via web-conferencing and are recorded for up to 20 people.
          Each workshop takes approximately 2 hours.
          We're open to discussing other materials to cover and other durations.
          Please fill out the form below if you are interested.
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