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title: Download GitLab Community Edition (CE)
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          Select an operating system to install GitLab CE Omnibus on:
          %button.btn.btn-default.dropdown-toggle.btn-lg{"data-toggle" => "dropdown", type: "button"}
            Select Operating System
          %ul.dropdown-menu{role: "menu"}
            - data.platforms.each do |platform|
                %a{href: "##{}", onclick: "dataLayer.push({event: 'ceDownload',operatingSystem: '#{}'});"}
                  = platform.long_name
        - data.platforms.each do |platform|
          = partial "includes/downloads/platform", locals: { platform: platform, type: "ce" }
          Learn about other download options:
            %a{href: "/downloads-ee"} Download GitLab Enterprise Edition
            %a{href: ""} Browse the packages
        = partial "includes/downloads/other"
      = image_tag "/images/downloads/logo.svg", class: "img-responsive pack-fox"
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