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title: Applications Supporting GitLab
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    %h1 Our Application Partners
        Every application that supports Git will work with GitLab. Below are some of the applications we wanted to highlight. To learn more about integrating with GitLab and read how to add an application to this page, please head to our [partners page](
      %input.js-search-apps{ type: "search", placeholder: "Search for an application by name" }
    %h2.categories-header Application categories
      - data.applications.each do |category|
          %a{ href: "##{}"}
            = partial "/images/applications/categories/#{}.svg"
            %span.category-name= category.title

      - data.applications.each do |category|

        %h2.category-title.js-category-title=' ')

        .category-applications{ id: }
          - category.applications.each do |application|
                = image_tag "/images/applications/apps/#{application.title.parameterize.underscore}.png", class: 'app-image'
              - if application.links
                = link_to 'Link', application.links.first, class: 'link', target: '_blank', rel: 'noopener nofollow noreferrer'


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