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    Automatically draft release post items · bdfa26a6
    James Ramsay authored
    Issues contain sufficient information to draft a release post item, but
    using command line tools to do this it not efficient or easy for
    everyone. This commit implements API support and a CI job for automating
    the process.
    When an issue is ready for a release post item to be drafted, add a
    release post item label (e.g. 'release post item:secondary'). The script
    - find all issues with release post item labels the `gitlab-org` group
    - create draft release post items
    - commit them to unique branches
    - create a merge request and assign it to the group product manager
    The script can be run manually using the `--no-local` option to use the
    GitLab API for all read/write operations.
    The script can be used for creating a release post item for a single
    issue by providing the issue URL as an argument when running the
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