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Why is this change being made?

This is part of the exit criteria for the IC gearing workgroup, the effort regarding defining the principal role is tracked by #10214 (closed).

The principal engineer role is a new position between staff and distinguished, it is part of our enginering IC leadership career path.

With the introduction of this new role, we spend some time looking at our Staff+ roles searching for a clear progression path.

To make the discussion easier to handle, and avoid duplication of work, this merge request introduces only the new principal role, the complete rework for staff and distinguished will be part of a new merge request once we finalize the content of this one.

Our idea is to have a set of requirements that identifies areas of growth for the next level as well as the acquisition of new skills. As a general rule, we have requirements that are bound to the IC scope of influence, but there are also requirements outlining the horizontal nature of the IC leadership roles.

The following table provides some examples of those different axis, the full content can be previewed on the working document (internal only).

Staff Principal Distinguished
Scope of influence Solve technical problems of the highest scope, complexity, and ambiguity for your team Solve technical problems of the highest scope, complexity, and ambiguity for your sub-department Solve technical problems of the highest scope, complexity, and ambiguity for your department
Counterparts interactions Expose their team's technology and organizational needs Expose technology and organizational needs to their department counterparts Build technology and organizational bridges to key organizational partners
Business impact Leads significant project work for OKR level goals for the team Ensures that OKR level goals are aligned across several teams in their sub-department Aligns business needs with department requirements and works on setting technical vision for the team
Some requirements begin on more senior roles Leads conversations to remove blockers and encourage collaboration across teams Anticipates and communicates delays, and blockers before they require escalation

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