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Add Engineering IC Leadership page

Alessio Caiazza requested to merge staff-archetypes into master

Why is this change being made?

This is part of the IC Gearing WG.

Here we introduce an Engineering IC Leadership page explaining Staff+ roles, it does not replace the job role definitions, but it provides a a common framework to explain those roles.

My original task was to write a Principal job definition as part of the evaluation for the WG Option 3 proposal.

But approaching it I found it easier to start with this MR that describes Engineering IC Leadership roles in general.

The page does not refer to any new role (like the Principal role proposed in !59465 (closed) ) and could be merged as a description of the status quo.

Nevertheless, it will be easier to better define Staff+ roles, as well as a new role between Staff and Distinguished, with the help of this new page.

Review app links:
new page
updated link from career dev page

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