Commit fbb17a02 authored by Victor Wu's avatar Victor Wu Committed by William Chia

Remove William from task as checking for top feature

parent 2e6355fa
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ page are included in the post
to add the [upgrade barometer]( section
- [ ] Mention managers to remind them to add their team performance improvements: @gitlab-com/backend-managers and @gitlab-org/frontend/frontend-managers
- [ ] Make sure Upgrade barometer is in
- [ ] Check which one is the top feature (with Job and William)
- [ ] Check with the [Messaging Lead]( on what the top features should be.
- [ ] Check if deprecations are included
- [ ] Alert people one working day before each due date (post a comment to #release-post Slack channel)
- [ ] Make sure all images (png, jpg, and gifs) are smaller than 300 KB each
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