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......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ The best way to apply for a position with GitLab is directly through our [jobs p
To apply for a current vacancy:
1. Go to our [jobs page](/jobs) and [view our open opportunities](/jobs/apply)
1. Go to our [jobs page](/jobs) and [view our open opportunities](/jobs/apply).
1. Click on the position title that interests you! Please also refer to the [country hiring guidelines](/jobs/faq/#country-hiring-guidelines) to see if we are able to hire in your location.
1. You will be redirected to the vacancy description and application form, where you will be asked to fill out basic personal information, provide your resume, LinkedIn, and/or cover letter, and answer any application questions, as well as answer a voluntary Equal Employment Opportunity questionnaire. While the EEO questionnaire has `US` in its title, it's open to all applicants from around the world.
1. Once you have finished, click "Submit Application" at the bottom.
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