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[![screenshot](/images/7_14/feature.png)](/images/7_14/feature.png) **+7_14 is the version of GitLab being released***
### Beta: support for long git push/pull over HTTPS
GitLab supports two protocols for pushing and fetching Git data from Git clients
such as the `git` command and [GUI clients](
SSH and HTTPS. Traditionally, the SSH protocol has been the best and sometimes
only way to do long-running (i.e., slow or large) push/pull operations from Git
on your computer to a GitLab server. One of the reasons for this is that
[Unicorn](, the Ruby web application server used by
GitLab, is not designed to handle many concurrent long-running requests. With
Unicorn, long git pushes/pull will often fail (due to a timeout) after hogging
precious resources (Unicorn workers) for a long time.
To address this problem, we created
a stand-alone web server written in [Go]( to take over (most
of) the job of serving Git HTTP requests. We use NGINX to route HTTP requests
either to Unicorn (normal requests) or gitlab-git-http-server (Git clients).
In the GitLab 7.14 omnibus packages, gitlab-git-http-server is included but
disabled by default. In GitLab 8.0 we will deprecate the old Git HTTP server in
GitLab ([grack](
If you want to start using gitlab-git-http-server ahead of the 8.0 release, as
we will on [](, you can add the following settings
to `/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb`:
gitlab_rails['env'] = {
gitlab_git_http_server['enable'] = true
Run `gitlab-ctl reconfigure` and `gitlab-ctl restart unicorn` after updating
your `gitlab.rb` file.
### ***MAIN_EE_FEATURE*** (EE only feature)
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