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......@@ -113,6 +113,8 @@ When your on-call shift starts, you should get some sort of notification(s) that
- If you need to reach the current on-call engineer and they're not accessible on Slack (e.g. it's a weekend, or the end of a shift), you can [manually trigger a PagerDuty incident]( to get their attention, selecting **Customer Support** as the Impacted Service and assigning it to the relevant Support Engineer.
**NOTE**: If an emergency ticket comes in via email, successive responses by the client will re-page the on-call engineer. To cut down on this noise, consider opening a non-emergency ticket on behalf of the client and closing the emergency ticket.
### Taking a call
Taking a call isn't significantly different from a normal call outside of two unique points:
- You (likely) won't have any forewarning about the subject of the call
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