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Changed to reflect the management of resourcing rather than strict reduction.

Added additional responsibility (up for discussion).  
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### Performance
The Performance team is responsible for optimizing GitLab application
performance by reducing memory and CPU resources required.
performance by managing memory and CPU resources required. The team is also responsible changes affecting the responsiveness of the application.
#### Responsibilities
* Identify, troubleshoot and improve memory or CPU-intensive aspects of the
* Identify, troubleshoot, improve and manage memory or CPU-intensive aspects of the
GitLab application
* Explore alternatives outside of the GitLab application for improving
performance through contributions to, e.g., Rails, Ruby, Puma, or other key
third-party components
* Define and help implement best practices for creating efficient and performant
* Developing a process or automation to validate changes are not affecting performance.
* Partner with the Quality team to maintain effective performance reporting and
monitoring through instrumentation and testing
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