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1. We combine the best of both hierarchical and consensus organizations. Hierarchical organizations have good speed but are bad at gathering data, leading to people saying yes but not doing it. Consensus organizations are good at gathering data but lack speed, leading to projects happening under the radar. We split decisions into two phases. The data gathering phase has the best of consensus organizations, where everyone can contribute. The decision phase has the best of a hierarchical organization, the person that does the work or their manager decides what to do.
1. If you apply consensus in both the data gathering phase and the decision phase you lose speed and you get decisions that try to stay under the radar so there are fewer people to convince.
1. If you apply hierarchicy in both the data gathering phase and the decision phase you lose valuable input.
1. Providing input but then not being part of the decision making phase is counterintuitive, you feel ignored. We'll have to accept that people listened to us but don't owe us an explanation to have fast decisions based on everyones input.
1. At GitLab, decision making is based on an informed and knowledgeable hierarchy, not on consensus or democracy. Voting on material decisions shows a lack of informed leadership.
1. Make data driven decisions but consider environments that do not allow reliable data collection. According to [research by the Harvard Business Review](, "experience and knowledge of leaders in the subject matter still outperforms purely data-driven approaches."
1. Be aware of your unconscious biases and emotional triggers.
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