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......@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@
base_path: "/handbook/product/performance-indicators/"
definition: Number of unique users interacting with an issue (open, close, reopen,
adjust label, adjust milestone, adjust weight, comment)
target: 437,490 for All, 101,835 for Paid
target: 484,510 for All, 148,176 for Paid
org: Dev Section
section: dev
stage: plan
......@@ -246,18 +246,20 @@
is_key: false
- The decline in SaaS for December does not seem isolated to Plan as nearly every group has a lower SaaS xMAU for the month. This is likely attributable more people taking extended vacations during the holiday season.
- The top 50 Plan paid self-managed customers, as well as the paid customers with the most expansion and shrinkage MoM. See the bottom of [this dashboard](
- The "health status" feature usage is [almost non-existent]( and we should consider down-tiering or continuing to iterate on it by automating it and integrating it into Boards and Roadmaps.
- Quantitative issue field level data validates that less frequently used fields -- such as setting confidentiality and locking an issue -- should be [moved into the secondary menu]( within the issue header to decrease clutter in the sidebar.
- Only 28% of instances are currently on a version with the new Plan xMAU metric counters.
- The ratio of [net new Paid GMAU to churned Paid GMAU]( improved from 3.75 in December to 3.99 in January, which indicates net retention for Plan Paid users is healthy.
- MAU interacting with Iterations increased by 52% from December to January. The next step to drive feature adoption is more holistically integrating Iterations into Boards.
- Driver - Determine technical feasibility for allowing an [issue to be assigned to multiple groups](, which would likely solve [Plan adoption blockers (priorities 1 and 3)](
- Start work on the [13.9 release plan](
- Continue making progress on the [13.9 release plan](
- Open > 3 documentation MRs in support of [better articulating Plan use cases](
- Complete the validation track for [saved filters/searches](, [customizable issue types](, and [interacting with a full issue from within a Board](
- Merged architectural blueprint for [consolidating Groups and Projects](
level: 3
- Achieved - FY21 Q4 targets of 437,490 for All, 101,835 for Paid. New targets set for FY22 Q1.
- Driver - For Paid, continue high level progress on [achieving feature parity between an Instance, Group, and Project](, [making issues more extensible](, and continuing to make incremental progress on [iterations](
- Improvement - For All, work towards addressing the [problem areas]( that emerged out of the Category Maturity Scorecard exercise for Issue Tracking.
- Improvement - For All, continue making progress on [quality of life improvements]( for existing features.
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