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......@@ -17,14 +17,18 @@ course, GitLab. Even competitive organizations must work together to improve
upon and negotiate the direction of key open source software.
On the day before [Git Merge](, we joined the Git Merge
Core Contributors Summit to discuss the direction of the project and new
[Sytse](, [Job]( and [Marin](
[Sytse](, [Job]( and [Marin](
attended to represent GitLab and learn more about what is happening in the core
Git community. Here are our notes and impressions from this event.
![Git Core Contributor Summit - 2016 Git Merge](/images/blogimages/git-core-contrib-summit-2016-marin.jpg)
Photo by [Marin Jankovski](
## Scaling Git
Git is growing in popularity, and projects are growing in size and complexity
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