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Competitive analysis to better position GitLab in our go-to-market efforts.
## Market analysis
* [Application Security market overview](
* [Application Security competitor scope](
* [Application Security market overview](application-security/#market-overview)
* [Application Security competitor scope](application-security/#competitor-scope)
* [CI/CD Primer](cicd/)
## DevOps Tools
GitLab exists in an ecosystem of [DevOps tools](/devops-tools) and might need to interact with any number of these tools. Many have over-lapping capabilities, but that does not mean that we necessarily directly compete with them. A user would need to patch together multiple solutions from this list in order to get all the functionality that is built-in to GitLab as a [single application for end-to-end DevOps]( Other places that list tools in various DevOps categories include [CA](, [XebiaLabs](, and [CNCF](
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