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1. [Video School](
### Live Events
#### Create a live event
1. Select `Live Events` in the left sidebar menu.
1. Click `Create live event` under the list of events in the table. You can also click the `New video` button in the top-left corner and select `Create live event`.
1. A dialogue box will pop up asking you to fill in some details about your event. In the `Event title` field, title your event.
1. Select whether this will be a one-time or recurring event.
1. Select a start date (if applicable; optional).
1. If you select a start date, the time field will activate allowing you to input a time (if applicable, optional).
1. Choose the privacy for this event. The available options are: `Public`, `Only me`, `Password`, `People I follow`, `Private link`, or `Hide from Vimeo`. See detailed explanations of these options in the [privacy settings overview](#privacy-settings-overview).
1. Click `Next`.
### Privacy settings overview
1. **Anyone** - Allow anyone to see this video.
1. **Only me** - Make this video visible to me and no one else
1. **Only people I follow** - Make my videos visible only to people I follow on Vimeo (Note: this setting will make it so that people you follow will see your video in their feeds)
1. **Only people I choose** - I'll select people with whom I want to share this video (Note: this setting will only work for sharing with other Vimeo members you follow)
1. **Only people with a password (Plus + Pro + Business + Premium only)** - Protect this video with a password (Note: you can share password-protected videos with non-Vimeo members).
1. **Only people with the private link (Plus + Pro + Business + Premium only)** - Make video visible only to people who have the link. (Your video cannot appear in channels or groups, and any credits you’ve added will be removed.)
1. **Hide this video from (Plus + Pro + Business + Premium only)** - This video can be embedded on other sites but can’t be viewed on (Your video cannot appear in channels and groups but can still be added to showcases and portfolios.)
### Implementation
[See epic for more info](
......@@ -53,4 +78,4 @@ Everyone in GitLab will have access to Vimeo through Okta ([see related issue](h
#### Google Tag Manager
[Coming soon](
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[Coming soon](
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