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......@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ UTMs are used to track traffic sources & reach of posts/links. All posts that co
Please see [details in the Digital Marketing handbook](/handbook/marketing/revenue-marketing/digital-marketing-programs/digital-marketing-management/#url-tagging). In short, it's important to outline UTM campaign, content, and other variables if you're looking to measure more deeply. Campaign section is a requirement, and is likely connected to your ongoing marketing campaign. If you have questions or are unsure how to tag a URL please reach out to the Digital Marketing team &/or the Social Media Manager responsible for the campaign.
### Links in bio with LinkTree?
### Links in bio with LinkTree
[LinkedTree](( is bio link tool. The Social Media team uses LinkTree to drive traffic to the GitLab website. Folks will click the link in bio and have a few options to choose from before landing on a webpage.
At GitLab we have multiple CTA's and campaign goals. The idea here is that a LinkTree will give our community an exit route and determine themselves- on where they land. Once you click the link in bio you'll have tiles to choose from: Homepage, Handbook, Press, Blog, Get a Free Trial, etc. Tile options are a continuous iteration as they will change to reflect current campaigns.
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