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1. It is generally easiest and fastest for you to make the purchases yourself, but feel free to reach out to People Ops if you would like help in [acquiring some items](/handbook/general-onboarding/onboarding-processes/#ordering-supplies). Just include a link and your shipping address in an email, and People Ops will be happy to place the order.
1. You may privately use GitLab property, a MacBook for example, to check your private e-mails or watch a movie as long as it does not violate the law, harm GitLab, or interfere with [Intellectual Property](/handbook/general-guidelines/#sts=Intellectual Property).
1. If you make a purchase that will cost GitLab $1000 USD (or over), this is classed as company property, you will be required to return the item(s) if you leave the company.
1. Employees: file your expense report no later than 7 days after the end of the calendar quarter that you made the purchase in. Contractors: include receipts with your invoices.
1. Employees: file your expense report in the same month that you made the purchase in. Please combine multiple expenses on one report if possible. Contractors: include receipts with your invoices.
1. Any non-company expenses paid with a company credit card will have to be reported to your manager as soon as possible and **refunded** in full within 14 days.
1. **Items.** The company will pay for the following items if you **need it for work or use it mainly for business**, and local law allows us to pay for it without incurring payroll taxes. Items paid for by the company are property of the company and need to be reported with serial numbers etc. to People Ops for proper [asset tracking](/handbook/finance/asset-tracking/). Since these items are company property, you do not need to buy insurance for them unless it is company policy to do so (for example, at the moment we do not purchase Apple Care), but you do need to report any loss or damage to PeopleOps as soon as it occurs. Links in the list below are to sample items, other options can be considered. It's also recommended to consult the `#questions` channel in slack on the latest recommendations other GitLabbers have been purchasing:
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