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## Sprout Social
### Tagging
##### Tag a post after its been published
Tags in Sprout enable social to measure performance outside of general level metrics. If a post needs a tag but did not get one when scheduled, we'll need to tag the posts after they've been published. While this can happen from forgetting to add the tag in Sprout, its most often related to publishing natively on channels. E.g. when we use Twitter Ads/Media Center to publish unique card content or when publishing stories in Instagram.
To tag a post after its been published:
1. head to the `reports` tab
1. select the `cross-network reports` category
1. choose the `post performance` report
1. use channel and publishing date filters to find the posts you're looking for
1. click the outline of the tag icon 🏷, select the tag(s) for the post; the tag icon will now be blue to indicate there are tags added
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