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Add proxy for moonshots

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......@@ -158,6 +158,7 @@ configure :build do
proxy '/direction/enablement/index.html', '/direction/enablement/template.html', locals: { direction: direction_enablement_content }, ignore: true
proxy '/direction/maturity/index.html', '/direction/maturity/template.html', locals: { stage_contributions: stage_contribution_content, stage_velocity: stage_velocity }, ignore: true
proxy '/direction/kickoff/index.html', '/direction/kickoff/template.html', locals: { direction: direction_all_content }, ignore: true
proxy '/direction/moonshots/index.html', '/direction/moonshots/template.html', locals: { wishlist: wishlist }, ignore: true
Generators::Direction::STAGES.each do |name|
# And for team pages
## Moonshots
layout: markdown_page
title: Moonshots
Moonshots are big hairy audacious goals that may take a long time to deliver.
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