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......@@ -107,16 +107,8 @@ GitLab has chosen a digital administration platform to manage our benefits admin
You will be receiving an invitation from `` with a personalized link. Click on that link to set up your profile. Please reach out to the Compensation & Benefits team at `` if you have any questions! Here are some additional [instructions]( on how to set up your account and enroll in benefits.
#### Waiving Benefits
#### Enrollment of Domestic Partners
For those team members hired before March 1, 2020, you have two options during the initial enrollment:
1. If you would like to waive all health coverage types, you are eligible for a reimbursement of 300 USD per month. Before this waiver is processed via payroll, it will need to be approved by the carrier (Great West Life).
* You will still be eligible for Life/LTD coverages.
* Please email `` to waive coverage with the reason for waiving.
* It is important to note that there is not an open enrollment period on this plan type to re-enter the plan at a later date.
1. Elect Benefits offered through GitLab via the Enrollment Process.
For team members hired after March 1, 2020, there will not be a reimbursement for waiving benefits.
If you waive health benefits through GitLab due to being enrolled in your spouse's plan and they lose coverage, you have 30 days from the date of loss of coverage to enter the GitLab plan.
Great West Life uses the first day cohabitating as the date of eligibility to enter into the GitLab health plan. Anyone who has a common law spouse that they wish to add, moving from Single to Family coverage, for example, will need to do so within 30 days of moving in together.
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