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Code Review Februrary PI Updates

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......@@ -522,13 +522,13 @@
is_primary: true
is_key: false
level: 2
level: 3
- Target - This aligns with our current understanding that Code Review is about 50% of the MAU of the stage metric and continuing to maintain that difference.
- Insight - Continued investigation in to the drop-off between SCM and Code Review is being investigated by the data team in [data issue 7468](
- Insight - Paid users of Code Review make up about one-third of total Code Review users.
- Insight - Paid users of Code Review make up about one-third of total Code Review users - this provides an opportunity to convert to paid and increase users.
- Improvement - Support for [custom commit messages when applying a suggested change]( will allow more teams with strict commit message guidelines to adopt this feature and maintain conformity with the project.
- Improvement - Add [reviewers to merge request]( to better signal who is responsible for reviewing compared to being assigned without a clear action to take.
- Improvement - [Mark changes as viewed]( in merge requests is a foundational step towards tracking and communicating progress on merge requests to other participants.
- Improvement - SCM <-> Code Review <-> Verify correlation charts now defined in [new charts](#createcode-review---other---code-reviewscm-ratio-by-umau-and-subscription-tier)
status: Complete
......@@ -564,6 +564,8 @@
level: 0
- Target - this metric is primarily monitored to remain at a consistent level.
- Insight - Paid Instances with 10+ users more closely track to 75% of SCM Users using Code Review
- Insight - Free Instances and those with less than 10 users drive down the SCM<->Code Review Ratio as most have less than 50% adoption
status: Complete
metric_name: merge_requests_users
......@@ -577,6 +579,31 @@
embed: v2
- name: Create:Code Review - Editor Extension (VS Code) - Category MAU
base_path: "/handbook/product/performance-indicators/"
definition: This is defined as users who use [GitLab Workflow]( for VS Code and make at least one API request to a GitLab instance.
target: TBD
org: Dev Section
section: dev
stage: create
group: code_review
public: true
pi_type: Other
product_analytics_type: Both
is_primary: false
is_key: false
level: 0
- Instrumentation in 13.9
- Improvement - [GitLab Workflow 3.11.0]( released with auto completion for GitLab CI Variables
- Improvement - [GitLab Workflow 3.10.0]( released with viewing code review comments on merge request diffs
status: Instrumentation
- MAU Collection [Issue](
- name: Create:Gitaly - Other - Availability
base_path: "/handbook/product/performance-indicators/"
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