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......@@ -323,8 +323,9 @@ Access to Mission Control: In case of a meeting in San Francisco at Mission Cont
## Scheduling for Robin Schulman, Chief Legal Officer
* All meeting requests should go through the CLO's Sr. EBA, Jaclyn Grant
* Priority to candidate interviews, E-Group and GitLab BoD
* Priority to candidate interviews, CEO, E-Group and GitLab BoD
* Unavailable due to Group Conversations, Company Calls and personal commitments from 7-9am PT
* During Zoom meetings please do not post information in the chat, add it to the meeting doc or in slack
* Calendar key is available for viewing in the CLO's daily schedule
* All meeting requests should include an agenda or doc for reference
* Working blocks on the calendar are OK and can be moved to prioritize other meeting requests, team members should check in with the CLO's Sr. EBA to request a meeting using the meeting request requirements as a guideline
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