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technology and enjoys discussing it with others. An avid traveler, Reb
is always looking for the next interesting place to visit.
- name: M.P.
- name: Mark Pundsack
role: Head of Product
reports_to: VP of Product
picture: logo-extra-whitespace.png
reports_to: CEO
picture: mpundsack.jpg
twitter: MarkPundsack
gitlab: markpundsack
story: |
Joining April 19th
Originally a computer engineer doing speech recognition research, he moved to product management about 20 years ago. Over the past 5 years, Mark has developed a passion for developer experience. Most recently at CircleCI as VP Product, and before that, at Heroku focusing on continuous delivery and the Heroku-GitHub integration. Outside of work he builds Star Wars Lego with his 5-year old son and dresses up his 2-year old daughter as a princess. On rare occasions, you might find him on a 37' trawler in the San Francisco bay.
- name: C.W.
role: <a href="">Service Engineer</a>
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