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Update I am requesting to commit this change to update the social media administration handbook.This addition will provide details on how to request social media promotion for integrated marketing campaigns at GitLab. 
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If you're not sure if you need an epic or just an issue, feel free to ask in the #social_media Slack channel.
## #️⃣ Organic Social Overview of Integrated Campaign Promotions
The goal of organic social promotion on an integrated marketing campaign is to strategically bring awareness to a designated landing page.
And by tailoring polished messaging to our target audience across the [GitLab branded social media channels]( we are able to drive page views, sessions, engagements, and link clicks. The content that organic social will promote, falls under the awareness funnel that is also mapped out by MPMs in the GANNT sheet under the content journey map and bill of materials.
Content promoted on the [GitLab branded social media channels]( include a combination of blog posts, webinars, case studies, and more. It is important to explain that what is shared via organic, is different than what is advertised through paid social and digital ads. The social media team will not craft copy for content pieces that are mapped in the consideration and purchase funnels.
In an effort to continually improve our ability to derive success of organic social campaigns, a reporting issue will be added to the Organic Social Epic that pulls data from Sprout Social and Google Analytics on a monthly basis.
## 🗓️ Campaign Planning
The social team will create a social-specific child epic for every Organic Social promotion that is tied to an integrated campaign. Marketing Program Managers will open individual issues for each organic social request and relate it back to the specific Organic Social Epic.
1. Integrated Campaign Epic
2. Organic Social: Campaign Name [Integrated Campaign] Epic
3. Organic Social General request issue: content piece name followed by campaign name
4. Relate social back to Organic Social Epic
## Organic Social Epic Creation
The Social Media team member responsible for the promotion of an integrated campaign will create the epic with the following structure - details and links to be added upon creation of documents and timeline defined.
Organic Social: CAMPAIGN NAME [Integrated Campaign] Epic
#️⃣ Organic Social Overview of the CAMPAIGN NAMEe [Integrated Campaign]
This is the child epic, organizing the issues for the **CAMPAIGN NAME** integrated campaign. The related issues will be included below upon rollout of each piece of content listed in the Awareness category of the GANNT Sheet and its [Content Journey Map].
**How often will `@gitlab` post?**
Frequency of posts will reflect the content in the awareness category. As content goes live- frequency will increase. We will schedule posts per piece of content to expand over the next few months mirroring an always on approach.
**Is there a hashtag `@gitlab` will be using?**
Yes. We will base hashtags off of the content we are sharing. These include (but are not limited to) `#INSERT HASHTAGS`
*Please see related issues for details related to specific organic social promotions.*
## High Priority Links
* [Campaign Execution Timeline (GANTT) >>] - Owned by MPM
* [Campaign Brief >>]
* [Live Campaign Page >>]
## 🔗 UTM for tracking URLs
* Overall utm_campaign - **`INSERT UTM`**
* More on [when]( and [how]( to use UTMs
### Open a new issue to request social coverage
Once you've opened the epic (if the ask is a part of the list above)
- Head to the [corporate marketing project]( and create a new issue.
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