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......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ Note: This is the first quarter where we [shift our fiscal year](https://about.g
1. Product: Increase product breadth. 25% (6 of 22) "new in 2019" categories at `minimal` maturity, CI/CD for iOS and Android development on, develop a Rails app on web IDE on iPad.
1. Product: Increase product depth for existing categories. Consumption pricing for Linux, Windows, macOS for and self-managed, 50% (11 of 22) "new in 2018" categories at `viable` [maturity](/handbook/product/categories/maturity/).
1. Product: Grow use of GitLab for all stages of the DevOps lifecycle. Increase Stage Monthly Active Users ([SMAU](/handbook/product/growth/#smau)) 10% m/m for each stage, 3 reference customers using all stages concurrently. => [SMAU Dashboard](
1. Tech Writing: Sample 100 support tickets/interactions with customers created in Q1'19 and ensure 100% of all customer facing information used to resolve these issues is incorporated in our documentation in accordance with our [Docs-First Methodology](
1. Tech Writing: In 100/100 sampled Support/forum interactions in FY20-Q1, customer-facing product info is [incorporated in docs](, reinforcing [Docs-First Methodology](
1. Alliances: evaluate qualifying for security competency with major clouds. Joint whitepaper, 1 security reference per major partner
1. Alliances: evaluate if key partner services (AKS,EKS,GKE, VKE, etc) can grow use of stages. Conversion of SCM customers to CI/CD through joint GTM.
1. CRO: Increase CI usage. Perform CI workshop/whiteboard at 2 of the top 10 customers that are only using SCM today in each region/segment by end of Q1.
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