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title: "Meet GitLab - Upcoming Events May Edition"
date: 2016-05-01 21:00
comments: true
author: Emily Kyle
author_twitter: emilylucie
image_title: '/images/blogimages/railsgirls-tomazs.jpg'
May is a very busy and exciting events month for our [team]! Since we're remote first we rarely get to meet in person, but this month the whole company is meeting in Austin, TX for OSCON. The last time we met was in October and since then the team has grown significantly. We get to meet each other face to face for the firts time and hopefully get to see some of you throughout the month as well.
The following are some upcoming events and where you can meet our team.
If you'll be coming to these events, please say hello in the comments.
We'd love to meet you.
<!-- more -->
## North America
- [Docker Roadshow Chicago](http://), May 11th in Chicago, IL: - [Amanda] is speaking and [Drew], and [Reb] will be there too.
- [OSCON]( May 16-19 in Austin, TX -- [Amanda] is speaking on Open Source for Closed Companies. Many GitLab [team] members will be there at our booth.
## South America
- [info](http://), Santiago, Chile. [name] .
## Europe
- [TNW Amsterdam](, May 26-27 in Amsterdam, Netherlands: -- [Douwe], [Richard], and [ZJ] will be attending.
## Online
- [blank](http://www.blank) - April 4. [name] will present about GitLab.
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