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Full Code Quality Report

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......@@ -4400,8 +4400,9 @@ features:
github: true
- title: "Code Quality"
description: |
Code Quality reports, available in the merge request widget area, give you an early insight into
Code Quality reports are available in the merge request widget area or on the pipeline page, giving you early insights into
how the change will affect the health of your code before deciding if you want to accept it.
screenshot_url: full-code-quality-report.png
link_description: "Learn more about Code Quality reports"
link: ''
- name: "Full Code Quality Report"
available_in: [starter, premium, ultimate]
documentation_link: ''
image_url: '/images/unreleased/full-code-quality-report.png'
reporter: jheimbuck_gl
stage: verify
issue_url: ''
description: |
Users are already making great use of the [code quality]( feature within Merge Requests to prevent code quality from slipping after making a single change, but this may not give enough insight into other issues within the project. Contributors now gain visibility into other code quality issues in order to resolve them in the current Merge Request or in a future change.
To better enable users to write high quality code, the full Code Quality report output is now available in the CI/CD Pipelines as well as a downloadable artifact. This change allows developers even more visibility into any code quality issues in their project within the GitLab UI.
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