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title: Modifying Emails
category: Support Workflows
### On this page
##### Overview
Use this when a user made a typo in their email address while signing up on and are unable to receive confirmation emails.
##### Workflow
1. Make sure the account in question is a new account. This workflow does not apply to existing / in-use accounts.
1. If there is a typo in the email address, follow [Fix email address](#fix-email-address).
2. If the email address is correct, but the user is not receiving the confirmation email, follow [Check emails in mailgun](#check-emails-in-mailgun).
##### Fix email address
Email address for an account can be changed via the Users Admin area.
1. Go to []( and search the account.
2. Click `Edit`.
3. Fix the email address to the correct one and save your changes.
4. Send a confirmation email to the user from [](
5. Respond to the user.
##### Check emails in mailgun
1. Login into using `supportteam` credentials in Support vault.
2. Go to [](
3. Search logs for the particular email address and see if email is being bounced or delayed.
+ If email is delayed, respond to the user and ask them to wait.
+ If email is bounced, remove the email from the suppressions list here: [](
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