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Update P/I for Certify

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level: 0
- Note - Certify will no longer collapse under the Product Planning group. Therefore, we're still surfacing "Other" metrics to track Requirements Management growth and we will re-prioritize implementation of this metric.
- Dashboarding not implemented yet so health is a proxy of our Certify's "other"
metric and adhnoc anlaysis. [Tracking issue](
- Note - [Requirement interaction tracking]( issue is complete.
Data is in the process of being aggregated. Early data shows healthy adoption of test report linking.
[Tracking issue](
- Improvement - UX improvements for [Requirements Management](
based on completed research study, Requirement [Import functionality](,
Upcoming [Quality Management MVC](
based on completed research study, Requirement [Export MVC](
status: Dashboard
......@@ -351,7 +350,7 @@
- name: Plan:Certify - Other - Number of Requirements Created Monthly
base_path: "/handbook/product/performance-indicators/"
definition: A monthly count of the number of requirements created.
target: 600 by end of December 2020
target: 1000 by end of March 2021
org: Dev Section
section: dev
stage: plan
......@@ -364,15 +363,14 @@
level: 3
- Improvement - [Requirement Import]( feature to release in 13.7
- Insight - Requirement creation has decreased, which is expected as organizations create requriements and then transition to satisfying them. Added urgency to implement [requirement interaction tracking](
- Improvement - [Requirement Export MVC]( feature to release in 13.8
- Insight - Requirement creation has decreased. Investigation shows a substantial set of users are Universities, which explains the downturn for the holidays.
- Insight - Self-managed instances creating requirements continues to grow.
status: Dashboard
- Dashboarding - accurate instrumentation on Self Managed, still needs verification
for SaaS - [issue](
- Dashboarding - update metrics collection to [track interactions](
metric_name: requirements_created
chart: 9666808
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