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......@@ -271,6 +271,10 @@ The above means that feature issues should be closed after a first iteration
whenever possible. We'll know more in the future and this keeps remaining
issues short and actionable.
In addition, it's almost never a bad idea to throw away an original plan and
start fresh. Try to do this more often that you're comfortable. Close the issue
and create a new one.
#### Which issue should you be working on?
When you don't have specific tasks assigned, you should work on issues that are
......@@ -129,11 +129,14 @@ author? There's now a quick link to do this:
![Quickly assign](/images/8_13/assign_yourself.png)
### Restrict the visibility of a project's repository
## Restrict the visibility of a project's repository
You can now restrict access to the project's repository, like you can do for the
Issues or Snippets in a given project. You can either disable the access entirely
for anyone, or restrict it to only team members.
GitLab now does so much more, the repository doesn't have to be the
point of focus anymore. In fact, you might not use it at all! For that reason,
you can now disable or restrict access to the repository of any project.
If you restrict access, only project members can access the repository.
This allows you to run a public issue tracker on an otherwise private project.
![Project repository visibility](/images/8_13/restrict_access.png)
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