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- Please find the [Sales Enablement Sandbox]( Project, and read the handbook page ["No Tissues with Issues"]( Create an issue with a label, due date, weight, and assign it to yourself. Submit the link to your issue to complete this assignment. Also take a look at the [Markdown syntax guide]( to learn more about how to code using Markdown. This will be very helpful as you create issues and merge requests.
* **Salesforce - Booking Orders (Material - Handbook - 10 Minutes)**
- [Learn how to create]( Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and Quotes in Salesforce.
* **Reference Edge (Material - Video - 10 Minutes)**
- Reference Edge Software will help reps to easily see what available references are the best fit for their current opportunity. Check out the [video](, and [Powerpoint]( on this new tool.
### 9. Sales Support
* **Sales Handbook (Material - Handbook - 10 Minutes)**
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- [Solutions Architects (SA)]( are the trusted advisors to GitLab prospects and customers during the presales motion, demonstrating how the GitLab application and GitLab Professional Services address common and unique business requirements. SA's add value to GitLab by providing subject matter expertise and industry experience throughout the sales process. SA's identify and propose comprehensive solutions to complex business problems and workflow scenarios after compiling inputs from customer conversations. Desired inputs include pain points, role-based visibility concerns, opportunities for improved efficiencies, current technologies and tools, corporate initiatives, target outcomes and more. SA's also act as the technical liaison between the sales team and other groups within GitLab, engaging GitLab employees from other teams as needed in order meet the needs of the customer.
* **Customer Onboarding (Material - Handbook - 10 Minutes)**
- [Technical Account Managers]( and Professional Services Engineers should work closely together throughout the on-boarding process, with support from Solutions Architects and Strategic Account Leaders/Account Managers where appropriate. Customer on-boarding is a 45 day time period. All implementation and training must be scheduled to be delivered within the first 30 days of purchase. The Technical Account Manager is responsible for ensuring that this happens.
* **Sign up for Zendesk (Assignment - 5 Minutes - 10 Points - Pre Work)**
- All GitLab staff can request a 'Light Agent' account so that you can see customer tickets in Zendesk and leave notes for the Support team. These accounts are free, to request a Light Agent Zendesk account, please send an email to []. You'll receive an automated reply with the result of your request. NOTE: you must send your request from your GitLab Google / Gmail account. No other addresses will work. The Subject and Body fields of the email can be empty.
- Check out the additional information in the [handbook](, [Zendesk](, and []( Once set up, you'll need to wait 24 hours for your account to be assigned Zendesk in Okta. Once Zendesk is assigned, you should be able to login to Zendesk by following this link:
* **Support for GitLab Team Members (Material - Handbook - 10 Minutes)**
- [GitLab Support]( provides technical support to our Self-managed and customers for the GitLab product. We are not internal IT Support, so we probably can't help you with your MacBook, 1Password or similar issues.
* **Gitlab Alliances (Material - Handbook - 10 Minutes)**
- Watch the [video],( check out the [handbook],( page, and [slides]( to understand how we parter with other companies to accelerate GitLab’s trajectory by connecting the great work every team is doing with the outside world.
* **GitLab Terms & Conditions (Material - Handbook - 10 Minutes)**
- The following [terms and conditions]( govern all use of the website, or any other website owned and operated by GitLab which incorporate these terms and conditions) (the “Website”), including all content, services and support packages provided on via the Website. The Website is offered subject to your acceptance without modification of all of the terms and conditions contained herein and all other operating rules, policies (including, without limitation, procedures that may be published from time to time on this Website by GitLab (collectively, the “Agreement”).
* **The GitLab Legal Team (Material - Handbook - 10 Minutes)**
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