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While kickoffs are commonly used to ensure visibility of work across an internal audience, our connection to a broader community and commitment to transparency means we also serve an external audience.
#### Preparation
1. Schedule a monthly, livestreamed, recorded Kickoff meeting for your group.
1. Ensure that the items for discussion are labeled with the `direction` label and scheduled for the upcoming milestone
1. Update the issues to ensure:
1. The description is single-source of truth
1. The description contains a strong Problem Statement
1. The description contains proposed designs
#### Meeting
1. Consider displaying your stage or group product direction pages during this meeting
1. Try to keep the recording of the kickoff portion of this short. Even if this is scheduled as an agenda item in a regular weekly sync, please record the Kickoff portion of the discussion separately. This way others can review the kickoff playlist for all teams efficiently.
1. Review the `direction` labeled items for the milestone one-by-one, highlighting the problem statement and designs.
#### After the Meeting
1. Post the meeting recording to GitLab Unfiltered, name it `GitLab XX.XX Kickoff - Stage:Group` assign it to the `XX.XX Release Kickoff` YouTube playlist. If the playlist doesn't exist yet, please create one.
1. Post the link to the recording in your section, stage (#s_) and group (#g_) slack channels
### Company Kickoff meeting
#### Preparation
1. The VP of Product will be the [directly responsible individual](/handbook/people-group/directly-responsible-individuals/) for presenting and leading the meeting.
1. The format of the meeting will be that of a [panel interview]( focused on the product. This will mean they they will prepare the introduction and closing thoughts.
1. Relevant issues are automatically added to the [Kickoff page](/direction/kickoff) if the labels ~direction and ~Deliverable are present in the upcoming milestone (no ~Stretch issues)
1. Issue descriptions are updated to include an introduction to the underlying
problem, use cases, and a complete proposal. It should be easy to
understand the problem from reading the issue title and description without
digging through comments.
1. If a Product Leader is out of office on the day of the kickoff
call, they should arrange for another Product Leader to cover
that section and inform the VP of Product ahead of time.
1. References for the relevant stage group videos from the `XX.XX Release Kickoff` YouTube playlists created during the [group Kickoff Meetings](#kickoff-meetings) should be added to the appropriate stage section of the [Kickoff page](
1. If need be, Product Leaders should add links to relevant Epics in the appropriate stages.
1. We should always seek feedback on the usefulness of the Kickoff Meeting. Ensure the [Kickoff Meeting Survey](
contains relevant questions prior the Company Kickoff Meeting.
#### Meeting
1. Follow the same instructions for [live streaming a Group Conversation](/handbook/people-group/group-conversations/#livestreaming-the-call) in order to livestream to GitLab Unfiltered. People Ops Specialists can help set up the Zoom webinar if not already attached to the Kickoff calendar invite.
1. Ensure the [survey link](
is added to the description of the live stream.
1. The person presenting their screen should make sure they are sharing a smaller window (default YouTube resolution is 320p, so don't fill your screen on a 1080p monitor. 1/4 of the screen is about right to make things readable.)
1. The VP of Product starts the meeting by:
* Giving a small introduction about the topic of this meeting
* Introducing the panel interviewees and themselves
* Reminding anyone who may be watching the video/stream about how we [plan ambitiously](#ambitious-planning).
1. During the discussion about a product section
* The VP of Product will continue to screenshare to aid the interviewee.
* They should also be sure to use display cues (highlighting, mouse pointer movement) to indicate where in the document we are, so nobody watching gets lost.
* The interviewee will explaining the problem and proposal of listed items and guides the VP of Product through the individual issues. If there is a UX design or mockup available, it will be shown.
* Each Director of Product should try to have one visual item that can be opened up and looked at.
* Be sure to mention the individual PMs for the stages and groups within your section while reviewing the issues they've highlighted.
* Be sure you're on do not disturb mode so audio alerts do not play.
1. The VP of Product often ends the meeting by asking viewers to take the kickoff survey, quickly highlighting several high impact issues and communicating our excitement for the
upcoming release. Consider even using one of our popular phrases: “This will be the best release ever!”
#### After the Meeting
1. Add the livestreamed recording to the `GitLab XX.XX Release Kickoff` YouTube playlist.
1. Mention the availability of the YouTube playlist in the next company call and in the #company-announcements slack channel
The process for preparing and presenting group and company wide Kickoff meetings is outlined in our [Monthly Kickoff issue template]( We create an issue from that template each month to collaborate on that month's Kickoff.
### Execution
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