Commit 792fdf7a authored by Achilleas Pipinellis's avatar Achilleas Pipinellis 🏃🏽

Merge branch 'vuln-ackn-update-jt' into 'master'

Updating latest reporters

Reporters from security email and HackerOne added.

See merge request !1676
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......@@ -16,6 +16,9 @@ title: Security Researcher Acknowledgments
<li>Hussain Adnan Hashim - <a href="">@Hussain_infosec</a></li>
<li>Jérémy Chatard - <a href="">@jchatard</a></li>
<li>Justin Gerhardt</li>
<li>Vishwaraj Bhattrai <a href="">@vishwaraj101</a></li>
<li>AnirudhAnand <a href="">0daylabs</a></li>
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