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## Framework Mapping
- `A.17.1.1` - The organization shall determine its requirements for information security and the continuity of information security management in adverse situations, e.g. during a crisis or disaster.
- `A.17.1.2` - The organization shall establish, document, implement and maintain processes, procedures and controls to ensure the required level of continuity for information security during an adverse situation.
- `CC7.5` - The entity identifies, develops, and implements activities to recover from identified security incidents.
- `CC9.1` - The entity identifies, selects, and develops risk mitigation activities for risks arising from potential business disruptions.
- SOC2 Availability
- `A1.2` - The entity authorizes, designs, develops or acquires, implements, operates, approves, maintains, and monitors environmental protections, software, data back-up processes, and recovery infrastructure to meet its objectives.
- `12.10.1` - Implement an incident response plan. Be prepared to respond immediately to a system breach.
* A.17.1.1
* A.17.1.2
* CC7.5
* CC9.1
* SOC2 Availability
* A1.2
* 12.10.1
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