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Product planning PI remove designs

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......@@ -319,41 +319,6 @@
embed: v2
- name: Plan:Product Planning -Other - MAU interacting with designs
base_path: "/handbook/product/performance-indicators/"
definition: Monthly unique users that have viewed or uploaded designs
target: We are not setting a target, but are actively monitoring theis metric
org: Dev Section
section: dev
stage: plan
group: product_planning
public: true
pi_type: Other
product_analytics_type: Both
is_primary: false
is_key: false
level: 3
- No target will be definied, until we understand this area more
status: Complete
- Have .com data for design views, reads in this [graph]() updates but not MAU
- SM instrumentation as per this [issue]( and need to move it to a graph
- Instrumenting transfering to new team
metric_name: action_monthly_active_users_design_management
chart: 10123602
dashboard: 758607
embed: v2
chart: 10123603
dashboard: 758607
embed: v2
- name: Plan:Certify - Paid GMAU - MAU Interacting with Requirements
base_path: "/handbook/product/performance-indicators/"
definition: The number of unique users interacting (create, view, reference) each
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