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- Insights - The Optimize data for January is inaccurate due to [this usage ping issue]( Many page views for self managed are showing as negative.
- Insights - Optimize feature usage is now above target.
- Insights - SaaS usage of Optimize features dropped 10% in December. The most significant drop was a 13.7% decrease in views of CI/CD analytics by SaaS users. In December and previous months this page would often give a 500 error. This looks like it has been resolved now.
- Insights - Self-managed usage of Optimize features surpassed SaaS usage for the first time in December. This was due to a combination of a decline in usage by SaaS users and an increase in usage by self-managed users.
- Insights - Usage by self-managed users increased 23% in December. We have been focused on improving instance-level analytics over the past 3 milestones and the data shows that these features are being adopted. In fact, most of the increase in self-managed usage is the result of interest in instance-level analytics. DevOps Reports usage increased by 35% in December. Instance-level Usage Trends was announced in 13.6 and is gaining popularity. DevOps Score and Usage Trends combined accounted for 50% of the increase in usage of Optimize features on self managed. Instance-level analytics are still only available to Admin users on self-managed instances. As we make these available to SaaS users in 2021 and continue to iterate on them, we expect to see further adoption and an overall improvement in the Optimize PI.
- Improvements - DevOps Adoption encountered [a setback]( that has delayed its rollout. There has been interest in this feature from enterprise customers wanting insights into how GitLab is being used in their organizations. We are investigating the best approach to moving forward on this feature.
- Insights - Page views by SaaS users continued a downward trend that started in December. SaaS usage dropped by 10% in December, and again by 13% in January. Views are down for all Optimize pages except Group Insights, which increased by 45%.
- Improvements - The new DevOps Adoption feature was rolled back in January to pivot from the concept of Segments to only supporting groups in the table ( There is strong interest in this feature from enterprise customers wanting insights into how GitLab is being used in their organizations. Refactoring work commenced in 13.9 and will continue into 13.10 with the goal of renabling the feature in 13.10 or 13.11. This is expected to result in an increase in DevOps Reports usage. After this work is completed, the feature will be [added at the group level](, further increasing availability and adoption.
- Improvements - Group-level VSA is being refactored to create more space on the page for new features and to simplify navigation. This work is scheduled to be completed in 13.9. Next up we are adding the ability to sort items in each VSA stage by cycle time, which will allow users to identify aging items and take action to reduce overall cycle time in their value streams. Additionally, we are refactoring project-level VSA code to use the group-level code which will improve usability and add functionality when viewing VSA at the project level, as well as allow us to iterate faster because we won't be maintaining two sets of code. All of these improvements combined will improve the usability of VSA and is expected in increase adoption as we announce each improvement. These are the foundational steps we are taking before embarking on our [FY22 vision for VSA]( which will add many new features and a much richer value stream management experience.
- SaaS data is not available for the paid SMAU chart due to [limitations of the redis counter that is used](
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