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title: "Recruiting, Sourcing Specialist"
title: "Sourcer"
GitLab is looking for a sourcing expert with experience in finding the best candidates for a high-tech, distributed company. How you build relationships and how you subsequently build sourcing strategies to find the best talent in the world is critical. A big picture thinker with experience in an international, highly cross-functional organization who has strong business acumen, will be most successful in the role. Attention to detail and experience with market mapping and deep research is equally as critical. Finally, we’re looking for in-depth understanding and background in hiring amazing people in at least two for these areas: Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Product.
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ This role will report to the Recruiting Director.
* College / University degree in Marketing, Human Resources, or related field from an accredited institution preferred.
* Successful completion of a [background check](/handbook/people-operations/code-of-conduct/#background-checks).
## Sourcer (Senior)
## Senior Sourcer
Senior sourcers share the same requirements as the Intermediate sourcer listed above, but also carry the following:
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