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......@@ -160,6 +160,11 @@ UTMs are used to track traffic sources & reach of posts/links. All posts that co
Please see [details in the Digital Marketing handbook](/handbook/marketing/revenue-marketing/digital-marketing-programs/digital-marketing-management/#url-tagging). In short, it's important to outline UTM campaign, content, and other variables if you're looking to measure more deeply. Campaign section is a requirement, and is likely connected to your ongoing marketing campaign. If you have questions or are unsure how to tag a URL please reach out to the Digital Marketing team &/or the Social Media Manager responsible for the campaign.
### What is LinkTree?
[LinkedTree](( is bio link tool. The Social Media team uses LinkTree to drive traffic to the GitLab website. Folks will click the link in bio and have a few options to choose from before landing on a webpage.
At GitLab we have multiple CTA's and campaign goals. The idea here is that a LinkTree will give our community an exit route and determine themselves- on where they land. Once you click the link in bio you'll have tiles to choose from: Homepage, Handbook, Press, Blog, Get a Free Trial, etc. Tile options are a continuous iteration as they will change to reflect current campaigns.
## Labels
Consider our labels as a way to be transparent about our work at every level of our marketing organization. At any given time and at any given level, a Team Member can recall what volume and mix of work is happening. Not only does this help the social team to better organize, but would allow our Team Members up our organization to better understand their entire team, too.
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