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......@@ -39,10 +39,11 @@ NOTE: Our contractor agreements and employment contracts are all on the [Contrac
that it covers is over. For example, an invoice covering the period of March 1-31 can be sent on March 25.
* All invoices are internally reviewed, approved, and then payment is processed.
This is usually a fast process, but be aware that it can incur delays around vacations.
1. Any changes to a Contributor's status, classification, promotion/demotion,
pay increases/decreases, and bonus need to be communicated to People Operations
by the manager or CEO. People Operations then records this formally (for audit purposes)
in a Contributor Action Notice (CAN).
1. Any changes to a Contributor’s status, classification, promotion/demotion, pay increase/decrease and
bonus needs to be communicated via email to People Ops by the contributor's manager or CEO. People Ops will then enter
the changes in BambooHR under the Jobs Tab in the Contributor’s profile; then file the email in the Offers
and Contracts Folder in the Document Section.
## Specific to employees based in the Netherlands <a name="nl-specific-benefits"></a>
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