Commit 4efb72bc authored by Brandon Lyon's avatar Brandon Lyon 💬

Merge branch 'bl-fix-mermaid-20191010b' into 'master'


See merge request !36608
parents 027696e2 c7ebdb6a
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......@@ -80,13 +80,15 @@
= partial "includes/layout/scripts"
%script{ "data-cookieconsent": "ignore"}
%script{ type: "text/javascript", "data-cookieconsent": "ignore" }
var script = document.querySelector('#mermaidscriptsource');
script.addEventListener('load', function(){
function waitForMermaid(){
if(typeof mermaid !== 'undefined'){
mermaid.init(undefined, ".mermaid");
setTimeout(waitForMermaid, 250);
%script{ src: "/javascripts/cbextras.js", type: "text/javascript", "data-cookieconsent": "ignore" }
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