Commit 38d245ce authored by Joern Schneeweisz's avatar Joern Schneeweisz Committed by Brandon Lyon

Add an Atom feed for security releases.

parent cb4f4412
......@@ -16,4 +16,7 @@ suppress_header: true
- if categories.include?("unfiltered")
= partial "includes/blog/"
- if categories.include?("security")
= partial "includes/blog/"
= partial "includes/blog/list"
For timely security news please subscribe to our [security RSS feed](/security-releases.xml).
\ No newline at end of file
!!! XML
%feed{:xmlns => ""}
- site_url = ""
%title GitLab Security Releases
%id= URI.join(site_url, blog.options.prefix.to_s)
%link{:href => site_url}
- unless blog.articles.empty?
%name The GitLab Team
- blog.articles.each do |article|
- if article.metadata[:page][:categories] == 'releases' && article.metadata[:page][:tags] == 'security'
%title= h(article.title)
%release= article.metadata[:page][:release_number]
%link{:rel => "alternate", :href => URI.join(site_url, article.url)}
%id= URI.join(site_url, article.url)
%name= h(
%content{:type => "html"}= xml_feed_content(article)
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