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title: "GitLab 7.14 released with improved syntax highlighting and CI improvements"
title: "GitLab 7.14 released with improved syntax highlighting and Variables in CI"
date: 2015-08-22
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......@@ -18,6 +18,8 @@ features, our focus for 7.14 has been on fixing bugs and improving performance
and usability. Many of these bug fixes were contributed by this month's
[MVP]( Stan Hu, bringing his total number of
awards to four. Thank you and congratulations, Stan!
To celibrate Stan his hat-trick + 1 (4 MVP titles in the 7.x major release)
GitLab will send him and his partner to Amsterdam for a weekend.
......@@ -118,6 +120,20 @@ support for builds skipped via the `[ci skip]` commit message tag.
[![CI Skipped](/images/7_14/ci_skipped.png)](/images/7_14/ci_skipped.png)
## Bundling of Mattermost now and maybe Rocket Chat in the future
In this release we bundle Mattermost, an open source on-premises Slack alternative.
More context can be found in [the announcement](
The current release is in alpha state, we can't guaranty it will be upgradable and recommend to not expose it to the public internet.
After we announced the Mattermost integration we [saw that Rocket Chat is also interested in shipping in the GitLab Omnibus packages](
We didn't consider Rocket Chat since they run on top of MongoDB and we prefer PostgreSQL but it seems that [elephants don't fly, most of the time](
Rocket Chat is committed to [make it compatible with the Omnibus packages](
We think we might ship it the Omnibus packages GitLab 8.1 although earlier, later and not at all are also options.
Having two different Slack alternatives in the GitLab packages is not ideal.
But both projects are moving quickly and we find it hard to pick a winner now.
Consider the alpha state a warning that we don't guaranty that both will ship with GitLab forever.
## Other changes
This release has more improvements, including security fixes. Please view
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