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......@@ -121,6 +121,7 @@ and then ping @rspeicher to confirm your account.
* [ ] New team member: Link your GitLab email address to an easily recognizable photo of yourself on [gravatar]( (don't use an avatar, stock photo or something with sunglasses).
* [ ] New team member: [Add yourself]( to the [team page]( with an easily recognizable photo. Assign the merge request to your hiring manager.
* [ ] Hiring manager: Merge the request to add the new team member to be added to the team page, and coordinate with Marketing to send out a tweet from @gitlab.
* [ ] Marketing / @amara: Send out or schedule a tweet about the new hire. Make screenshot of the profile and possibly use the template: Very happy to announce that [NAME] joined our #[TEAM] team! Welcome!
* [ ] New team member: Add yourself to the [public map]( of everyone's location via [Sundial](
* [ ] New team member: I verify that the home folder of my hard drive is encrypted (see the [security handbook]( for help).
* [ ] New team member: Read the [Summit page]( and save the date!
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