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......@@ -67,43 +67,6 @@ Some content from Heather McNamee her presentation [Developer Marketing Brainsto
There seems to be [demand for this]( so start offering scheduled training instead of only [on customer request](
## Events
* People and especially the CEO should go shaking hands, even at small events.
* If you go talk at small events you'll see that over time you get into bigger ones.
* People that you meet in person are more likely to become evangelists for you.
* Attend conferences, especially OSCON
* Get GitLab team members out to meet people in the community
## Meetups
* We should have a meetup-in-a-box package where we arrange for:
1. The venue (we find and book it)
1. Food (not only pizza, something healthy too)
1. GitLab swag
1. Walkthroughs (demo scripts)
1. Exclusive content (can make new feature presentations exclusive to meetups for a month)
1. Puzzles (pub quiz style, score points and compete with other cities)
1. Video Q&A with service engineers and.or developers
1. AMA's with CEO/CTO
1. Visit in person if we can
1. Organizers become part of the GitLab Club
The first meetups should be run by ourselves.
If someone manages to have 3 to 4 successive meetups it will live on.
Dead meetup cities will be much harder to start up again than new ones.
So do everything to keep it going.
## Swag
* Should do it in a way that doesn't cost us a lot of time to execute => self serve => web shop
* With a webshop you can just give people credit, they can pick what they want and provide shipping info
* Have lots of mugs, [mugs are a conversational item in the office](
* Special edition stickers for contributors, GitLab Club members.
* Of course we need [stickers](
* Maybe we can also do [hologram stickers]( since these will look cool on laptops and people are more likely to give them a prominent place.
## Partners
1. Have marque projects move to GitLab by engaging with them, offering support and free licenses.
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